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The "Good Way Trans" Company offers to clients a full range of services in the field of the oversized and heavy cargo delivery. We can deliver oversized/ break bulk cargo projects by the highway, the railway, sea route and air transportation. The range of services includes:

Selection of the optimal variant of the transportation
Registration of licensing documentation, escort and guarding
The project freight of oversized cargoes
The flexible price policy

We carry oversized:

Delivery of the turbines for the nuclear industry, delivery of wind turbines, transportation of blades for wind generators, transportation of cranes, transportation of large containers, shipping tanks, heavy shipping solid fuel boilers, transport of heavy forgings shaft, delivery of transformers and generators, transportation from Europe to Russia, Ukraine, Asia.


We carry out the following Oversize Cargo Transportation:

  • International transportation of special and road-building machinery.
  • International transportation of oil and gas equipment.
  • International transportation of equipment (turbines) for nuclear and energy industries.
  • International transportation of mining equipment, quarry equipment and career equipment.
  • International transportation of equipment for the chemical industry.
  • International transportation of agricultural machinery.
  • Transportation in Ukraine of large equipment and heavy machinery.


Among our priority direction:

Germany - Belgium - Austria - France – The Netherlands - Poland - Ukraine - Russia - Belarus - Kazakhstan - Turkmenistan - Tajikistan - Uzbekistan - Azerbaijan - Georgia.


RELIABILITY - worthy of trust!

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